Founder Pedro Santos
Founder Pedro Santos

Hicor History and Mission

Founded in 2009

Hicorís mission is to bring customer and shareholder value through leadership in new compression technology development and deployment, utilizing our patented high efficiency, high compression ratio, wet gas compression technology.

At Hicor, we are passionate about solving long-standing problems in the oil and gas industry by deploying new gas compression technologies. Our break-through innovation enables wet gas compression while also decreasing the cost and energy required to compress and produce natural gas.

In 2010, we were founded out of MIT as OsComp Systems, Inc. In 2011, we partnered with top-tier investors, and in 2013, the Company spun off its virtual pipeline business and rebranded in 2014 as Hicor Technologies.

Our management team boasts extensive experience in engineering, technology development, gas compression, manufacturing operations, and innovation. We lead the industry as the only company in the world to have made leap-frog advancements in gas compression technology in the past 50 years.

We operate a world-class research and development facility in Houston, Texas with generous lab space where we creatively innovate, grow our ideas, and build and test our new machinery.