Applications Overview

From wellheads to end users, compressors are used throughout the natural gas value chain. Our breakthrough compression technology greatly decreases the energy required to compress natural gas, allowing for continued production on wells that would not otherwise feasibly run, and significantly increasing the production life of other wells. Hicor is bringing radical innovation to an industry that is primed for change and where conventional compression equipment has remained relatively unchanged for over 50 years.

Gas compressors are used in virtually every industrial application. In the natural gas industry, this usage goes from the wellhead to the refinery, and everywhere in-between. They are also commonly used outside the natural gas industry in areas such as industrial compressed air, process gases, CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR), compressed air energy storage, and many other applications. Here are several natural gas applications where our technology presents a compelling value proposition:

Wellhead Compression
The low capital and operating costs of Hicor compressors allow for marginal wells to be economically produced for a longer period of time. These marginal wells are often prematurely abandoned, leaving significant quantities of gas behind. Our compressors are cost-effective and can extend the life of marginal wellheads. They make previously inaccessible reserves more attainable by allowing otherwise uneconomical marginal wellheads to continue to operate.
Multi-phase and Wet Gas Compression
Featuring novel hybrid rotor geometry combined with innovative cooling techniques, our compressors can accommodate wet gas at high efficiencies, while most conventional compressors are only capable of handling dry gas. The wet gas compression system eliminates the need for liquid separation at the wellhead. Instead, a multiphase stream is pumped from the wellhead to a central facility for separation and processing, resulting in the elimination of fugitive emissions and leaving a smaller wellhead footprint, significantly improving the economics of wet gas production.
In offshore drilling applications, compressor size and weight are critical to efficient production. The high energy density of our technology can reduce compressor weight by as much as 80 percent, and high compression ratios enable single-stage compression in most applications, which dramatically reduces system complexity by replacing three or four stage compressors. These reductions are able to reduce the weight of the entire system by up to 90 percent and footprint by as much as 70 percent.
Subsea compression is an increasingly desired alternative to offshore platforms, and most subsea applications require multiphase pumps and production. Traditional multiphase pump technology uses isochoric compression, which is extremely inefficient. Our technology can replace these inefficient systems, resulting in a much lower cost for subsea applications.
Other Industrial Applications
While the immediate applications we intend to serve with our technology are in the natural gas industry, our technology is applicable to almost any gas compression application. Our compressors can be used for industrial compressed air, particularly Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) manufacturing; process gases including nitrogen gas (N2), Oxygen (O2), and Hydrogen (H2); CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), carbon capture and sequestration, and compressed air energy storage, amongst others.
Applications Overview
Gas compressors are used in virtually every industrial application. In the natural gas industry, this usage goes from the wellhead to the refinery, and everywhere in-between.
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